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August 18, 2008

I’m deeply ashamed about my lack of posts. Good, we got this out of the way now. I have been really busy at work and will be for the coming time too because after the Olympics, we’ll get the US elections which also seems to be a big deal in Holland. So I’ll be designing the (info)graphics for that broadcast (I work for the dutch national TV as a designer, in case you wondered). I’m also busy with CD sleeves, I just finished some work for Artas and Brother von Doom (Justin did their logo) and you can see those covers at the end of this post. I’ll also abuse this post to spam my new website, which I recently redesigned: The content is still lacking in some areas, but I hope to get that fixed soon. But yeah at least you now know what I’ve been doing. In the meantime I’m also trying to learn new 3d tools and I just started working on a new short animation. I’ve also been playing with the thought whether we should make official wallpapers for bands, since I’ve seen so many bad scans of Job for a Cowboy and Chimaira covers used as a wallpaper, that I think it’d be our duty to provide better ones. We’ll see.

Artas - The Healing cover

Artas - The Healing cover

Brother von Doom - Relentless cover

Brother von Doom - Relentless cover


Give me a code banana

January 21, 2008

Besides working on quite some new stuff, I’m also redesigning my personal website which makes me pull out my non-existent hair, but it seems I’m finally getting closer to finishing it. The goal is to have all the work organized much better but I’m not the typical code monkey so the increase in clarity of the site causes a decrease in the clarity of the code (at least for me).

We recently finished the artwork for Molotov Solution’s new selftitled album (see cover below), you can hear some of their new stuff at their myspace page and get a good pre-order package deal here

molotov solution cover

All the best for 2008

January 4, 2008

Hopefully 2008 will even be a more successful year for Monument and I’ll also try to post more on this blog (I’m fearing the wrath of Pascal). The new year is starting in a good way, with new releases with our artwork on it and I’ll be interviewed for the dutch magazine “Advanced Photoshop”.

And last but not least: here’s a sneak peek at the cover of the new Draconian album “Turning Season Within”.

Draconian Turning Season Within Cover

Job for a Cowboy

November 26, 2007

Zoli from Hungary is a die hard Job for a Cowboy fan, he proved this fact by having the artwork of their Genesis album (for which we made the artwork) inked on his leg.


Blub blub

August 7, 2007

The weather this summer is quite crappy, so while I’m considering making my house float because of the heavy rainfall, I’ve been quite busy on quite some projects. Unfortunately I still can’t post most of it since it hasn’t been published yet. I can tell you that The Tony Tapdance Extravaganza cd artwork might be one of the most bizarre things I’ve done in quite some time, it’s a pretty complicated project. In the meantime I still try to finish the redesign of my personal site but it seems quite impossible to do, especially that after having it done halfway, I decided to change the layout again. One guy who did manage to redesign his site is my friend Sebastian Holmer, you really should check his stuff out at Illuminated Alley.

I’m in love with the new Coalesce song “Son of Son of Man” posted on their myspace page.

BTW I love this video.

A cover I can post already: Thoughts of Ruin – Reclaiming the Throne

Thoughts of Ruin - Reclaiming the Throne

Job for a Cowboy

June 27, 2007

Last week me and my girlfriend went to a show with Job for a Cowboy in Utrecht so we could meet the guys. They started early so we only saw a few songs and after the show I only shook hands with Ravi and not the rest because he somehow seemed to got lost or something when he was getting Jonny. Luckily it was being made up by a great Converge show afterwards.

I just finished artwork on a second Job for a Cowboy shirt and an Amon Amarth shirt and this week I’ll start on the artwork of They Came as Lions, I’ll have to go to the zoo though to take some photos of lions since I’ll need them in the artwork. There’s also some other stuff in the pipeline, like artwork for Periphery, which will be based on my art piece “My Body the Floor”.

Next month will have two releases with our artwork: Nodes of Ranvier “Defined by Struggle” and Three “The End is Begun”. We cannot disclose the full artwork until it will be released, but we can show you the covers.

Nodes of Ranvier - Defined by Struggle
Three - The End is Begun

Back from Poland

June 12, 2007

and now I’m stuck with over 2000 photos from there and I don’t have time to process them, since I’ll be working on a second Job for a Cowboy shirt (I’ll post the first one as soon as it is available), finish the artwork for Sworn Enemy and I’ll be starting a few other CD projects, besides that I’ll also have to make some work for the new Raster chapter (perhaps I should steal some monkeys to do my work). I might also do some illustrations for a game magazine, something which I’d love to do, since it’s kind of a different thing again.

It was great to have a break and “walk” in the mountains with my girlfriend, despite the facts that our ND grad filters keep falling and sliding from the cameras – I nearly dropped one from a cliff -, schoolclasses which were polluting shots, insanely placed roadsigns, a drunk polish guy staying in the appartment next to us and some of the walking paths weren’t really made for walking. We also visited some abandoned places where I shot tons of new material while inhaling flies and suspicious smells. For me the country is a goldmine, although people who live there probably think differently.

So now we’re back and things are as usual again, working on artwork and paying too much for groceries while we are being terrorized by our meowing cats and beeping guinnea pigs, something which you really start missing when you’re away. But I also miss watching Rammstein videos with my girlfriends mom and driving there and wonder if you’ll ever make it in one piece to your destination.

Next week we’ll head to a show where Job for a Cowboy plays, so we can say hi to the guys and ask for free drinks.

Polish rock