*crickets are heard* I know. We’ve been rather silent lately. Things have happened, people have traveled, some have been too busy. The good news is that in a few weeks we’ll be all yours. We’ll be more active here that’s for sure. I promise to post more random youtube videos once I go back to Canada (I am currently in Malaysia for another 3 weeks and the internet is f’in slow it’s terrible). We’ll also add more work to our already well-seasoned portfolio. Promise.

I’ve already started the awakening by updating my own portfolio: http://www.makeshift.ca

Will we update our site design here as well? Hmm probably not. To be honest, we like it a lot. it just works. Maybe some small tinkering.. and maybe fix the dropdown menu that is suppose to appear on the portfolio section.. it borked and our programmer ditched us for white water rafting. Hmpf.


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