Christmas movies lineup


Hope you all had a good xmas time :) Here’s a short review of each movie we saw in the last 24 hrs:

Gran Torino: Movie of the year for me. Top notch from start to finish. Clint is still the man. 10 eggrolls out of 10.

The Spirit: What the hell? What a piece of crap that was. Incoherent blabber crap with cool visuals that sadly does nothing to save the movie. The only thing that *might* have salvaged this wreck would have been to show Scarlet Johansson naked. At least give us something, assholes. 2 quick DVD releases out of 10.

Zach and Miri Make A Porn: Kevin Smith makes another gem. The storyline was predictable but the script is very solid and hilarious. 8 dildos out of 10.

The Wackness: Very well filmed, surprising acting from Josh Peck and a storyline that draws you in. Charming movie. 7 weed smoking psychologists out of 10.

Choke: Solid start to the movie based on an original and refreshing concept, but kinda tails off a bit in the end. Nonetheless, worth a view. 6 holy foreskins out of 10.

The Wrestler: Darren Aronofsky is my favorite director and he shows why again. Mickey Rourke delivers, you’ll see him on the Oscar ballot for sure. A very compelling and touching story. 10 ram jams out of 10.

Next up are Frost/Nixon, Lakeview Terrace, Benjamin Button and Valkyrie (maybe, my fiance can’t stand Tom Cruise). A full week of movies!


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