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Flatstock chicago

July 21, 2008

Crackhead Press (which is sort of like the Secret Police of Monument went to Chicago this past weekend to represent for Louisville, KY.

It was awful! Selling posters and art prints/paper + massive amounts of rain and humidity = stupid. So, we decided to enjoy the city instead and went to Rotofugi, Quimby’s and a few other stores to spend money!

May as well enjoy the city instead of setting up, ruining merchandise and feeling miserable. So, we went through some hotel fiascos, enjoyed some great food and enjoyed the city. On sunday, we went back to flatstock to visit our other API/Gigposter friends and everyone seemed in good spirits and to be doing pretty well!

I finished this art print right before we left:

2-Color red and black on heavy white stock. 14×24.
Signed and Numbered edition of 75
Hand printed at Crackhead Press in Louisville, KY
$25 (shipping included for US)

Because i can’t add form tags here, go grab it over at

Now, i’m going to add some new stuff to the portfolio!


Meep Meep

July 13, 2008

Yes, we are still breathing. We’re just lazy. I admit it.

We just finished some shirts for NIN’s new tour, but in the meantime you can grab a “Ghosts” one from Hot Topic here: