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Cats anyone?

May 16, 2008


May 12, 2008

Go see it or download it, but make sure to see it. It’s time we do something to save them. I never knew sharks could impact our world so much. Basically, if they go, we’re in deep trouble.

Also, sign this petition to stop shark finning at (the stupidest bs ever):

Busy Week

May 5, 2008

Was pretty busy this week working on numerous projects at the same time. I did 3 shirts for 30 Seconds to Mars, 2 for Rage Against The Machine, and some web work for my regular clients. I had to work during the weekend to finish stuff up because I am going on vacation tomorrow. :) We were suppose to go to the British Virgin Islands (paradise on earth to me) but we found out she needs a visa just to transit in the US (pfff). It costs 130 bucks and it takes 6 weeks, so we were too late. We settled on going up north to do some kayaking and other outdoors-y things.

I just bought the new Canon EOS 450D DSLR as a reward for my hard work. :) I’m really looking fwd to playing with it and using it to grab textures and elements for my work. I also look forward to bug Dennis and ask him more photography questions every 2 minutes.

Will post pics of my trip (taken with my crummy pocket camera!). :)