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Blackmetal BeethOven

April 29, 2008

These are available for purchase at!

Process Sketchbook available at

metallic purple and metallic red
$40 (Note: Overseas shipping is extra)



April 24, 2008

Hey guys,

We just finished up a few Disturbed t’s for the current tour. I’m also working on a tour poster for Russian Circles and in the process of getting 3 new art prints together. I’ll start printing tomorrow!

Iron Fist Clothing’s next line should feature about 8-10 designs of mine either done specifically for them or converted from poster art i’ve done over the past few years. Keep an eye out for it. I’ll be posting here again when it’s available.

I’ll be out in CA in a few weeks for this year’s California Screamin’ art show at Gasoline Gallery in El Segundo.


April 17, 2008

French Design blog Artskills did a neat interview with yours truly. He asks us about our workflow, inspiration, and future plans. It’s in french though so you might need Google to read it.

Google Translation



April 10, 2008

Just had a very very nasty “wisdom” tooth pulled out. It was the worse the dentist has ever seen. He had to freeze me up 5 times to begin with, and then pull like a maniac for about 20 minutes. He had to cut my gum open to make it pop out and even when the tooth was out it wouldn’t let go. The roots were big, and they obviously looooved my precious mouth. I’m in pain.

On the plus side of things, I am alive. And so are we! I know we haven’t posted in a while but it was because of the CD contest we had going. We didn’t want to pile more stuff on the top of the page. We’re such marketers.

We’ll have some brand new work to post soon, including some shirts we did for one of the coolest and bestest artists around. It’s a surprise, sort of.

We’re currently working on a bunch of CDs, shirts and a website for Luthor.

I’m rocking out with my brand new monitor, the NEC 2690WUXi with Spectraview II. It’s nice to have dual monitors, especially in Photoshop. It cost me 1400 bucks but it’s worth it for a wide gamut monitor that is awesome and reliable. My other monitor is a Samsung 244t which I will use for web work since it’s an sRGB while the NEC is Adobe RGB (tho it can be both if I want I’d rather calibrate it for print work),