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I Want Your Skull #4!!!!

February 14, 2008

I Want Your Skull #4 is our best issue to date! Featuring 35 of today’s hottest illustrators, designers, painters and sculptors from all around the globe, our fourth issue is packed to the seams with skully goodness. We interview Jason Goad and Luke Drozd, two illustrators who have really been making a mark on opposites sides of the pond. Brian Morris (aka ooo000ooo) contributes a stunning 3 color serigraph print, which was masterfully printed by the fine folks at The Half and Half in Columbia, South Carolina. Justin Kamerer (aka Angryblue) lends his signature style to our first ever official IWYS logo sticker, and the whole thing is wrapped up in a hand-printed envelope design by Ryan August. Limited to 500, hand-numbered copies. Grab one while they are still available!

Buy one in their web store!!!


We are now on MySpace

February 14, 2008

We’ll be adding more stuff very soon, but for now you can still come join the ongoing welcoming party:

Also, our good friends Sworn Enemy have officially released their new album “Maniacal” (the one we designed) in North America. You can grab it for a very cheap 10 bucks here: It kicks ass, so go buy it. :)

Free CD packaging anyone?

February 6, 2008

Since giving is so cool we’re thinking of starting up some sort of “contest”. We’ll be giving away a free (yes, nada, zilch, zero, rien, niet) CD packaging done by us. The only conditions would be:

#1 We would have to enjoy the music the band plays. That always makes for better work on our part. We’re not very difficult when it comes to that though, we like all sorts of music.
#2 We’d prefer to get a band that isn’t metal, to vary things a bit. We love metal but we’d like to show different things.
#3 The deadline would have to be not crazy as hell, to give us time to really do something special.

We’re also thinking of tying this up into a charitable cause. For example, we do the packaging and you donate 200 bucks to a charity. Maybe even auction the offer on ebay for charity? It would be great, but we’re not sure we’ll do that as well yet.

Stay tuned for more details :)

Giving is cool

February 4, 2008

I just bought a couple of gifts through WorldVision for people in need. It’s little for us but a lot for them. You can even buy them rabbits, how cool is that? They have stuff for 20 bucks only so there’s no excuses!