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Job for a Cowboy

November 26, 2007

Zoli from Hungary is a die hard Job for a Cowboy fan, he proved this fact by having the artwork of their Genesis album (for which we made the artwork) inked on his leg.



Go give rice you lazy bastards

November 15, 2007

do it, or Samuel will find you.

And on another note: Paste Magazine is offering subscriptions for a year, for any amount you want to pay. It’s good stuff and it comes with a CD full of music each issue. check it out.

He’s Watching

November 13, 2007


November 2, 2007

i drew this from life… which i never do. i haven’t been able to draw shit for like 2 weeks (luckily, i’m a ‘designer,’ so i can fake it if i need to), so i was like, “ok. i’m going to do this littlelife study and see what happens” i wanted to see if i’d draw from whati see any different than the skulls i normally draw.

it was weird as i drew at an angle since the paper was at a slant. so, the perspective of the paper was wider. blah blah blah.

at any rate, this is what i saw while i was drawing and then i stood up and saw the latter:

other than that, i’ve been orking on stuff for jonathan davis, paul mccartney, cher, red hot chili peppers, spencer’s gifts and a bunch of other crap. i might be redesigning that’ll be fun. i put in a few hours mocking that up thus far. we’ll see what happens.