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For the sleeve lover in all of us

August 22, 2007

There’s Sleevage.



August 15, 2007

here’s one side of some postcards i’m having made up for Flatstock 14 / Bumbershoot 2007


Bat For Lashes

August 13, 2007

Good stuff and a good breath of fresh air amongst the million emocore bands coming up. Bit like Bjork, but better in my opinion. Can’t go wrong with a band with a name like that.edit: didn’t notice Dennis mentioned their video in the previous post, which is also nice.

Also we’re finalizing the Sworn Enemy CD we’re working on and hopefully they’ll let us post some of the artwork early. I can’t wait to hear their new album. They bring the same aggression/”I want to bash your head” feeling that Slayer did back in the good days. Their site (along with their crummy logo that we re-designed to not look like Halloween gone bad!)

In the near future we have some shirts to do for Sevendust, a bunch of stuff for Showdown and a website for a custom chopper shop from Florida. We tried to get paid with a custom Monument chopper but it didn’t work.

Blub blub

August 7, 2007

The weather this summer is quite crappy, so while I’m considering making my house float because of the heavy rainfall, I’ve been quite busy on quite some projects. Unfortunately I still can’t post most of it since it hasn’t been published yet. I can tell you that The Tony Tapdance Extravaganza cd artwork might be one of the most bizarre things I’ve done in quite some time, it’s a pretty complicated project. In the meantime I still try to finish the redesign of my personal site but it seems quite impossible to do, especially that after having it done halfway, I decided to change the layout again. One guy who did manage to redesign his site is my friend Sebastian Holmer, you really should check his stuff out at Illuminated Alley.

I’m in love with the new Coalesce song “Son of Son of Man” posted on their myspace page.

BTW I love this video.

A cover I can post already: Thoughts of Ruin – Reclaiming the Throne

Thoughts of Ruin - Reclaiming the Throne

Spreading the Doctrine

August 1, 2007


Coming to a label near you. If anyone wants stickers just email me and I’ll send you some. =]