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Damien Hirst

July 30, 2007

The making of Damien Hirst’s Brazillion-dollar diamond skull is pretty rad.



July 29, 2007

Finally got my business cards today from the printers. It took almost a year to settle everything on their side. First they had sent a batch but it was the wrong number on my cards so I had to ask them to print new ones. I get the new batch and they had used the old number, and then they ask me to pay to get a new run done. I then get yet another batch but now our logo is messed up. Forward more months of waiting and issues and I finally have them. I can finally send the flyers/stickers/etc that we had made to all the people we need to spread the word out to about our wonderful organization.

All hail Fenris!


July 19, 2007

These are impressive:

RIP big old CRT

July 18, 2007

Today, July 18th, at around 10:00AM, my big old CRT died. In a tragic and disturbing end, it died after serving me faithfully for 5 years. This marks the end of its era as my trusty companion, and will now be replaced by a Samsung 244T.

I bought the CRT (a 21″ Dell Trinitron) refurbished, and it has lasted very long and the display was pretty good. This Samsung LCD is one of the very few ones of its kind to offer great color accuracy, unless you buy a 1300.00+ Eizo or LaCie monitor. It’ll be fun to have a lot more space to use, although I can’t compete with Dennis’ 2×22″ Lacie setup. Bastard.

I saw Transformers yesterday, and it was excellent. Go see it.

Fireworks CS3

July 17, 2007

I’ve always done my coding in Homesite. This program was originally written by a company by the name of Allaire which was aquired by Macromedia in ’01. I still stayed pretty loyal to it up until I stopped doing web design full-time at the code and graphics powerhouse that is Mission Data.

I’ve done a few small sites over the past months and really dislike that Adobe got rid of the nifty little tool Imageready. Everyone says I should try Fireworks out. So, here i am. Using Dreamweaver (which acquired its best features from Homesite) and trying out Fireworks. I’d like to kick this site out tonight, so wish me luck.

Earlier, I picked up The lost tracks of Danzig. The clerk that checked me out said that they’d heard a review stating that they should have stayed lost. :grin:

This Rules

July 17, 2007


July 5, 2007

My older Logitech mouse crapped out on me last night. Earlier this morning, i picked up the VX Revolution™ and i love it. it’s smooth, has a rad scroll wheel and just fit my hand well.

Yeah. I’m seriously just updating with that. Pretty lame, no?

Just finished up an Amon Amarth shirt, doing some art prints with tonight and working on:

  • Apollo Choppers Catalog
  • Never Enough Logo
  • Coheed and Cambria stuff
  • Dark Horse Percussion website
  • Legion of the Damned shirt
  • Misc. Other jobs i’m not remembering at the moment.


July 1, 2007

I came back from Quebec City yesterday, earlier than planned. My ride back home was going to be late so we decided to just take the bus back home, we had visited all there was to visit so it was better to just leave. It was very nice there. Even if I lived there for 4 yrs before, I was too young to appreciate it. It’s very charming.

Tomorrow it’s back to work, and it’s good to feel refreshed and attack it with a clear mind. We’re hopefully going to finish the new Sworn Enemy CD this week, and some shirts for Amon Amarth.

In other news, Streetgraphic has done an interview with me, you can read it here.