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*crickets are heard* I know. We’ve been rather silent lately. Things have happened, people have traveled, some have been too busy. The good news is that in a few weeks we’ll be all yours. We’ll be more active here that’s for sure. I promise to post more random youtube videos once I go back to Canada (I am currently in Malaysia for another 3 weeks and the internet is f’in slow it’s terrible). We’ll also add more work to our already well-seasoned portfolio. Promise.

I’ve already started the awakening by updating my own portfolio: http://www.makeshift.ca

Will we update our site design here as well? Hmm probably not. To be honest, we like it a lot. it just works. Maybe some small tinkering.. and maybe fix the dropdown menu that is suppose to appear on the portfolio section.. it borked and our programmer ditched us for white water rafting. Hmpf.


happy new year, minions!

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We love you. Have a great 09! <3

Christmas movies lineup

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Hope you all had a good xmas time :) Here’s a short review of each movie we saw in the last 24 hrs:

Gran Torino: Movie of the year for me. Top notch from start to finish. Clint is still the man. 10 eggrolls out of 10.

The Spirit: What the hell? What a piece of crap that was. Incoherent blabber crap with cool visuals that sadly does nothing to save the movie. The only thing that *might* have salvaged this wreck would have been to show Scarlet Johansson naked. At least give us something, assholes. 2 quick DVD releases out of 10.

Zach and Miri Make A Porn: Kevin Smith makes another gem. The storyline was predictable but the script is very solid and hilarious. 8 dildos out of 10.

The Wackness: Very well filmed, surprising acting from Josh Peck and a storyline that draws you in. Charming movie. 7 weed smoking psychologists out of 10.

Choke: Solid start to the movie based on an original and refreshing concept, but kinda tails off a bit in the end. Nonetheless, worth a view. 6 holy foreskins out of 10.

The Wrestler: Darren Aronofsky is my favorite director and he shows why again. Mickey Rourke delivers, you’ll see him on the Oscar ballot for sure. A very compelling and touching story. 10 ram jams out of 10.

Next up are Frost/Nixon, Lakeview Terrace, Benjamin Button and Valkyrie (maybe, my fiance can’t stand Tom Cruise). A full week of movies!

Ink Alchemy

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This stout 8.5×5.5 book crammed with 40 pages of illustration is the FIRST EDITION with hand screen-printed covers, signed and #ed by both artists.
$22 counting shipping in the U.S.

here’s us signing 400 of these bitches. They are available on Angryblue.com and Humantree.com


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Vicious Intent NYC Show!

September 9, 2008 by

Come on out and say hey!

Royal Flush Magazine has teamed up with poster magnate Comahead & the mighty Sal from Electric Frankenstein to present the biggest and best Rock & Roll Poster exhibit ever to hit NYC!

Proudly presenting the art of:

  • Greg “Stainboy” Reinel
  • Joe Simko
  • Martin Atkins
  • Josh “Bootsy Rizzak” Bernstein
  • Erik Rodriguez
  • Steve Chanks
  • Tara McPherson
  • Brian Ewing
  • Jesse Philips
  • Jeph LaChance
  • Patrick McQuade
  • “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin
  • Angryblue
  • Drew Friedman
  • Jim Altieri
  • Matt Siren
  • & more!!

Music will be provided by Martin Atkins (Ministry, PiL, Pigface)

There’s OPEN BAR! Provided by the great folks at Original Sin Cider Get there early – that will go fast!

Also, our good friends at Dark Horse Comics will be giving away free books and gifts all night!

There will also be a triple book signing!

Stainboy will be signing his new book “Vicious Intent” from Dark Horse!!!

Martin Atkins will be signing copies of his book “Tour Smart”

and the entire Royal Flush Gang will be in the house to sign the brand new issue of Royal Flush Magazine.


Time and Place Date:    
Saturday, September 20, 2008
7:00pm – 11:00pm
Toy Toyko’s Showroom Gallery
117 Second Avenue, 2nd floor (At 7th Street)
New York, NY

Also, check out Royal Flush. I’ve got a sweet illustration of Al Jourgansen and George W. in it.

The Web 3.0

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Watch the video and be amazed. Considering it’s in alpha and still blew my mind, it’s very very promising.


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I’m deeply ashamed about my lack of posts. Good, we got this out of the way now. I have been really busy at work and will be for the coming time too because after the Olympics, we’ll get the US elections which also seems to be a big deal in Holland. So I’ll be designing the (info)graphics for that broadcast (I work for the dutch national TV as a designer, in case you wondered). I’m also busy with CD sleeves, I just finished some work for Artas and Brother von Doom (Justin did their logo) and you can see those covers at the end of this post. I’ll also abuse this post to spam my new website, which I recently redesigned: http://www.damnengine.net. The content is still lacking in some areas, but I hope to get that fixed soon. But yeah at least you now know what I’ve been doing. In the meantime I’m also trying to learn new 3d tools and I just started working on a new short animation. I’ve also been playing with the thought whether we should make official wallpapers for bands, since I’ve seen so many bad scans of Job for a Cowboy and Chimaira covers used as a wallpaper, that I think it’d be our duty to provide better ones. We’ll see.

Artas - The Healing cover

Artas - The Healing cover

Brother von Doom - Relentless cover

Brother von Doom - Relentless cover


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Check out 30 second clips of the ENTIRE new Bleeding Through album “Declaration” on their new E-Card! It has lyrics, photos, wallpapers, AIM icons, and more. Get stoked for September 30, and make sure to check the band out on tour NOW with Bullet For My Valentine.